Takhion Aero Super Sport

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Takhion Super Sport

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Takhion Super Sport

Takhion Super Sport Rear End

Takhion Super Sport - Head tube and Fork Mounted Handlebars

My new project. It’s a late 80′s Takhion Super Sport. Originally from the Ukraine, these frames were used by many of the eastern block teams in the individual and teams pursuit. Along the same lines as the Cinelli, Rossin and Masi bikes with the fork mounted handlebars. These frames were used by the Russian team and were most commonly used with the kevlar skinned disc wheels from Russia.


I hope to restore this bike with Takhion crankset, russian disc wheels and Campag C-Record seatpost with San Marco Concor Supercorsa saddle. Haven’t decided on the colours to restore it in as this is the original paint but i have never seen this scheme before and do really like the more common sky blue and white colour scheme.

Takhion Super Sport - Headtube

Takhion Super Sport

Takhion Super Sport - Downtube

The Russian Connection

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Track Bikes

Disc Wheels – they are cool. There is only one thing cooler than running a disc wheel on the back of your bike. Running one on the front too!

Im pretty interested in the disc track wheels made by the russians/ukranians back in the 80′s/90′s that are kevlar and have titanium hubs etc. They are very rare and hard to come by. Even very hard to find photos and information on.

If there is anyone out there who knows about these and who can school me then im uber keen to hear from you. I’ve seen several types including СУЦИКЛ 3, 666 and Fluidisk. Where are they from? what do they weigh? are they still made? do you have some? Im keen to hear!

Sweet new ride

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Riding

Got my new roadie the other day. Pretty nice bike in my humble opinion. Its a 2012 Avanti Quantum Team PBR. Rollin some surprisingly light Dura-Ace C24 Carbon Clinchers (Zipp 404 Tubs in the pics). Also got PRO Vibe Cavendish Sprint Bars and Carbon Sprint Stem. Even with the heavier Stem/bars and Dura-Ace components it still weighs in fully built up with cages etc. at 6.7kg. Identical to the bikes the Pure Black Racing crew race overseas. Actually its cooler than theirs with the bar/stem combo! Enjoy!

Christmas Breakie Ride Special

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Riding

It was a great morning this morning for the Christmas Eve Breakie Ride. Perfect weather for double discs (the new black) on the waterfront in Auckland. Small teething issue with the pedals but otherwise a very nice ride. She rode surprisingly well!

Finally Done

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Francesco Moser's TT Bike

Took a few snaps of the bike down the road from home yesterday.

Tune up

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Francesco Moser's TT Bike

Well its nearly done. I dropped it off to Lloyd at Mt Eden Cycles last week to finish off the final few bits and pieces.

- Glue the tubulars on, shorten the Regina Extra chain, put the Benotto bar tape on and tune up the gears. Just need to sort the pedals now and it will finally be all done!

The Moser in Lloyd's capable hands

Cool Track pics

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Track Bikes

A collection of cool Moser pics and other cool track bikes.

1986 Hour Record Attempt - Unsuccessful.

I would so love to get my hands on that bike!

About to start

Track Porn

At Speed

Motivation - i.e. being yelled at!

1984 Record Run at altitude in Mexico

Yip that is a 1 metre diameter rear disc.

LOOK with Russian Kevlar Discs

I'd give my right nut for this bike. Colnago Weapon. I'm extremely tempted to make a replica

If id give my right nut for the last bike i'd give my left for this one!

Bling Dosi Track Bike


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Been a little distracted lately with the engine for one of the Porsches arriving from San Francisco after a fresh rebuild. Its a 356 Carrera 4Cam engine for dad’s 1957 Carrera Coupe. Pretty rare and trick engine with its shaft and bevel gear driven double overhead camshafts. The expert who built the engine, Bob Garrettson has travelled down from San Fran to help install it. He is a very interesting bloke who ran and drove for a Porsche 935 race team in the 80′s dominating sportscar racing in the States and Europe. He also won the Daytona 24Hr and Sebring and the World Sportscar championship. That makes him the only American besides Phil Hill and Mario Andretti to be an FIA World Champion. Hell of a nice guy too!

Ernst Fuhrmann's Masterpiece. Just two 4Cam's engines in NZ

In the car. A few fuel and clutch issues but it runs!

O for Awesome